NIXSolutions: Simplified Sign-Up for Google’s Advanced Protection Program

Google has made it easier to sign up for accounts in the Advanced Protection Program, designed for those at risk of targeted online attacks. This can now be done with a single Passkey using the Pixel or iPhone’s built-in biometric authentication, whereas previously, two physical security keys were required for registration.


Target Users and Simplified Login

The additional protection program is used, for example, by those involved in political campaigns or by journalists who use confidential information for publication that requires protection from hacking and leaks. When starting the program, two physical security keys were required to activate it, as well as a password for subsequent login. In 2023, the company simplified login and introduced a passwordless login method that allows users to securely log into their accounts, apps, and services using built-in authentication on their devices. However, to register in the program, two physical security keys were still needed until now, notes NIXSolutions.

How to Join and Stay Updated

To join the additional protection program, you need to go to its page and complete the necessary setup steps. At the end of the setup, the user will be given the choice of setting up an access key or a physical security key. In case your account is suddenly blocked, you must provide a phone number, email address, or a second access key for recovery. We’ll keep you updated on any further changes or improvements to this process.